Groundhog Toasts — Grandiose Supermarket L.L.C.

Groundhog Toasts

Grandiose 50 Kids Recipes


  • bread
  • peanut butter
  • raspberry
  • blueberry
  • almonds


1. Cut 2 large and 2 small circles out of a piece of bread. Cut the bottom ends off too.

2. Slather peanut butter over another slice of bread. You can toast it beforehand or not, your choice!

3. Add the large circles onto the bread, for the cheeks.

4. Add the smaller circles onto the bread for the eyes.

5. Add the end pieces onto the bread for the ears.

6. A raspberry nose!

7. And blueberry eyes.

8. Don’t forget the final touch, 2 almond slices for those giant teeth.