Penguin Snacks — Grandiose Supermarket L.L.C.

Penguin Snacks

Grandiose 50 Kids Recipes


  • Oval crackers
  • Cream cheese
  • Sliced black olives
  • Large whole black olives
  • Carrots


The girls started spreading cream cheese on the pretzel crackers. As they did so, I cut the large olives into quarters to make wings. I also cut some carrot slices into a few small triangles for the beaks and feet.

Then we worked together to make the penguins. The picture above is of my penguins. The girls’ were a little more creative with their penguin designs, but they all tasted great! I really liked the taste of the pretzel mixed in with the cream cheese, and after playing a little bit the girls gobbled theirs up too.

If your little ones don’t like cream cheese, you could also use mozzarella slices. The pieces just won’t stick together as well.

In all this took about five minutes to prepare. Not bad for an easy way to add a little fun to snack time!