Spider crackers — Grandiose Supermarket L.L.C.

Spider crackers

Grandiose 50 Kids Recipes


  • 2 small slices of bread, variety at will
  • 1 slice of cheese, thickly cut
  • 1-2 thin slices of cooked ham or turkey meats
  • 2 green olives, stuffed with paprika
  • Mayo or mustard
  • 2 toothpicks
  • 1 round cookie cutter
  • 1 ragged cookie cutter


Use the round cookie cutter to cut two circles out of the bread; take the jagged cookie cutter for the cheese. Brush the round slices of bread with mayo or mustard, place the ham on the lower slice of bread and roll a piece of it into a tongue (see picture). Then put the cheese on top and cover with the second bread circle. Spear the olives on the toothpicks and put them on top of the sandwich as eyes, done!