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Rupkatha Bhowmick | Apr 5, 2020

Grandiose’s Home Delivery personnel, it’s retail front-liners, are working tirelessly to deliver goods to the consumers’ doorsteps, especially now that Dubai has urged residents to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Grandiose is offering same-day delivery and fulfilling orders via the stores’ WhatsApp or telephone numbers and through third-party applications including Instashop and El grocer. In addition, Grandiose has expanded the Dubai Marina Promenade store hours, which is now open 24 hours a day.

Like doctors, nurses and police officers, delivery, warehouse and store staff at food retail outlets are working round-the-clock to ensure consumers get what they need. “The sacrifice made by our delivery personnel can’t be taken for granted, especially now as home delivery is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity,” states Olivier Latour, CEO, Grandiose.

He cites the example of Faraz, a home delivery worker at Grandiose. Faraz has been working with Grandiose Supermarket for a year at the Marina branch. He works during the morning shift; leaves his shared space in Deira to reach Grandiose by 6am daily. Nowadays, upon arrival, Faraz’s temperature is checked; he wears his mask, gloves and joins the team in following a set of strict measures to ensure safety and wellness. Thereafter, his shift starts and he continues to fulfill as many orders as possible along with the team until 4pm.

How long are the shifts for your home delivery workers now versus normal period?

Latour: The home delivery shift duration is usually 8 hours. However, currently it goes up to 9-10 hours. Bearing the long hours in mind, we have increased the number of home delivery staff to accommodate our customers and ensure that we don’t over work our staff.

What is Grandiose doing to ensure health and safety of home delivery workers?

Latour: We are performing contactless delivery; so, we either deliver the order at the reception desk of the building, or at the customer’s door step. We have started requesting customers to make online payment, whenever possible to reduce direct contact and follow social distancing rules. In addition, we conduct daily deep sanitisation and cleaning in our stores. Staff members’ temperature is taken on a daily basis, while masks and gloves are mandatory for all. Moreover, we are also taking temperature of customers entering the store, requesting them to wear masks. These days’, we are providing gloves and sanitisers to our customers free of charge. Social distancing stickers are highlighted to guide customers on the safe distance required inside the store and at checkout.

Are you doing anything special to celebrate your ‘masked heroes’ / home delivery personnel?

Latour: We are doing a regular celebratory breakfast to celebrate their performance and enhance team spirit. We also have an incentive programme in place to support their extra efforts. Above all, we always make sure to let our store staff and delivery personnel know how important they are for us through appreciation and other initiatives.

Article Source: Images Retail ME